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Astrophilia offers the global opportunity for people of all backgrounds and experience levels; Outreach professionals, educators, amateur and professional astronomers, and astronomy enthusiasts to participate in online astronomy activities who want to use astronomy to cope with the long times they spend indoors and connect online with their communities. Of a person transmitting his night sky view through a telescope at his window; capturing a celestial object; virtual meetings; doing fun activities at home; playing games like solving puzzles; measure knowledge by participating in online questionnaires; online astronomy challenges and express creative ideas about astronomy by quoting a poem, writing an essay, or science fiction.


As the world struggles to contain the spread of COVID-19, Astrophilia pledges to help combat this pandemic and its impact on society because everything is better with astronomy. Astrophilia wants to reward the fun, educational, original and engaging online activities at home that you are undertaking to keep you, your family and your community busy, entertained, and above all, meaningfully engaged in astronomy.

Astrophilia is in conjunction with the Sri Lanka Institute of Astronomy.

The IOAS was established as a separate institute in 2018 (It was merged with the S&T group before that) and is the Pioneering Institute of Astronomy in Sri Lanka which is a collective of amateur and professional astronomers from around the world involved in Research and Education of astronomy. Its mission is to advance the field of astronomy by researching and disseminating knowledge among astronomy enthusiasts at home and abroad. The institution is equipped with the most recognized academic professionals and the best optical instruments in Sri Lanka.

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