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IOAS Astrophilia Art Competition 2020

Art Competition

Art & science are in a symbiotic relationship. In  astronomy, Art is the aspect of space art devoted to visualizing the wonders of outer space. As a result, art finds new ways to be creative & invent the artistic in design. So now we are going to blow your mind from your creativity in the astronomical path. Let join with us. 

The Astrophilia Artwork Competition is open under three divisions. 

• Division 1: Below 10 years 

• Division 2: 11 - 18 years 

• Division 3: 19 years and above 

The contestants of all age groups should adhere the topic given below.

  • Division 1: Below 10 years : Space and me

  • Division 2: 11 - 18 years : The next 50 years in Space Exploration

  • Division 3: 19 years and above : Are we Alone

Submissions for

Astrophilia Art Competition 2020

has been officially closed.

By Institute of Astronomy

Sri Lanka

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